Two Months Later…

I started working my current job on October 10th, after quitting Yahoo on October 1st. Technically, my two month mark was on December 10th, but I held back mentioning it until I had my one-on-one with my boss. According to him, I’m doing a lot better than he thought I would. This is in light of the amount of material there is to learn about our product and the procedure utilized within the department.  I mean, that’s not anything new for me.  Anytime I get a new job, I’m always bogged down by the amount of information I need to learn in order to start contributing to the team.  And it’s really the waiting and learning that sometimes slows me down a lot when I’m chomping at the bit to get involved, y’know?

So, he sat me down and discussed the time I’ve spent on the job so far, and he pointed out that it’s only been two months and he deigned to want to point out anything wrong.  It’s only been two months, after all.  He’s hoping that I’ll pick up the rest of what I need to know soon, but at the rate I’ve been going, I should be fine.  Then, he asked me for my feedback on the department and the people working with me and I spoke as plainly as I could on that.  I like my co-workers and I like the people I work for, my boss included.  I haven’t had too much trouble picking up jobs and tasks that need to be done, and my boss seems to use me for documentation projects pretty often.  This has a lot to do with the fact that I love writing, even technical stuff.

One thing he did mention to me was that there would be a graveyard shift in January, probably by the 15th.  They’re not sure of what hours I would be working, yet, but they wanted to give me a heads’ up, since they were going to be asking me to work it around that time.  I’m also hoping that if they do decide to ask me to do that, they’ll offer me some incentive to switch, like an increase in pay like a shift differential or something.  I’ll take fat bonus checks, too.  I’m not picky.

I guess it’s okay, two months later.  Let’s see what happens two more months from now, eh?

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