I know that my last entry had this song, but to be honest, this song rules me. Great singer and tune to listen to, waking up. Which, ugh, I’m just not quite ready for, but I have classes and all… and I slept through my 7am already. Oh well, it’s not like the professor takes attendance in that class, anyway.

My history midterm is next week! Woo! My second favorite class, plus the professor is just really cool. Very open to student opinion and she actually understand that her opinion isn’t fact, which is something other professors lack. I remember my professor from West Valley, who was convinced Nixon was a hero, and not a felon. I did not pass that class, it was just too painful to listen to this guy prattle on during the contemporary part of the class.

Through bleary-eyes, I’ve read my morning Megatokyo, Sinfest and Angst Technology. I’m down to just reading three comics on a weekly basis. I think I’ve even let UserFriendly go a month or two without reading it. UF just doesn’t hold my fascination as much anymore, but I’m really really really curious to see how the story unfolds over at MT. Piro, if you ever read this, all I can say is that you are like the worst procrastinator ever and take a page from Bill Amend and do your comics weeks in advance, so you’re not rushed to make a 24 hour deadline. Professionals would die horrible horrible deaths if they had 24-hour deadlines. And I thought I was a patient person. Oh, well…

I caught up on my friends’ journals, made a couple of notes. Once I get done with my bottle of water and am feeling just a little more “with it,” I shall endeavor to hop in the shower and get ready for my history class.


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