Update: My sister and her husband made up. Crisis averted.

I got everything I wanted to get accomplished today. I hooked up with my best friend, and we drove off to the Milpitas Golfland where we danced our hearts and limbs away for three and a half hours. Our knees were turned to jelly and we both ended up limping back to my car where we drove to my place and settled in for a lot of Final Fantasy X and movie watching.

In the middle of Final Fantasy X and watching movies, though, I had another unique opportunity to speak with a certain friend of mine who just seems to really brighten up the day for me. I wanted to put in writing real quick here that her company has been a real delight, and especially for putting up with me for hours on end just prattling on, too. Honto ni, doumo arigatou gozaimashita.

While I’m in a thankful mood, I want to also pass a warm thanks to my two biggest fans, you know who you are. Especially last night, when I had that dilemma that needed a sounding board. Talk about being a lifesaver. I’m very much obliged for that.

Last, but not least, the one person who I missed the most this weekend. Even though the time was really short, and all you did was gnaw on me and tell me how stupid I was being, it helped a great deal. So this, in a sense, is what I’m writing to you right now. I will speak to you soon.

That’s all I want to say for right now. I will be more thankful when I’ve had more sleep and I’m not feeling as though I’ve been passed through a big wringer. Oyasuminasai…

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