Working Nights

Trying to maintain a day schedule while coming off of nights is something that I wouldn’t really envy anyone. After working three days of twelve hour night shifts in a row, having to get up in the middle of the day to run errands is nearly impossible, when all my body wants to do is stay up all night and then sleep all day. And I know that it’s screaming at me when I pull the rise and shine routine while it’s daylight outside, but I don’t have much of a choice in the matter. My body just demands sleep, and doesn’t want to go to sleep unless dawn is peeking in my bedroom window. I feel like I’m working back at Acer America again, the night shifts five days a week with the broken weekend (I usually had Mondays and Thursdays off) schedule that prevented me from even thinking about going back to days. I used to eat extra-large pizzas whole, and gross the shit out of the local primadonna tech who sat across from me. Hey, I was young and hungry.

This week, though, has afforded a unique opportunity, that so far appeares to be working out well. I had this three page sample of a story idea involving characters within the Hope Station universe, however, the story centers around a group of civilians and a freighter, as opposed to trying to write a military story. I don’t want Hope to be defined by the military stories, but it would seem that the major political changes that occur within the timeline are determined mostly by the military and the government, so a big picture story would have to involve them. In this case, though, we’re looking at the universe from the perspective of the “little people,” while using the timeline as mere backdrop/background events, rather than bringing about these changes into the foreground, but how the background events affected the civilians trying to make a living in the solar system. I spent the past forty-eight hours working on four character sketches and trying to make each character come alive enough for me to understand who it is we’d be writing about and how they might react, each according to his/her personal history and personality. I’m very curious to see what and I come up with.

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