Thirty Days: The Countdown Begins

May 19th marks thirty days until my twenty-sixth birthday. As with all birthdays, it’s a time for pause and reflection, a little introspective analysis and appraisal of oneself. The time of your birthday is really the big Happy New Year’s celebration. It marks a new year of your existence. My birthday is where I set the expectations for the coming year. However, I’m pretty lucky to remember those resolutions or expectations a month later. Usually, most of this time is just spent being somewhat melancholy about what accomplishments I’ve made while being twenty-five, and what accomplishments I want to achieve while I’m twenty-six.

So what do I want to accomplish? I would love to sit down and finish a novel. Not reading one, because I’ve been blazing a trail with those Alan Lewrie novels. I’m already down to my last Lewrie book and I’m going to have to go out and buy the next two. One of which is out of print, so I might actually break down and order from Powell’s. When I say finish, I would love to sit down and finish writing one. As I ranted earlier in my logbook, I have quite a few unfinished projects, but I think it would be a great accomplishment to sit down and just finish one of those projects. I’m not exactly looking to publish, but that would be nice, too. I could always self-publish, but that wouldn’t be as nice as having a well-known publishing company pick you up and take your book for a spin. What else do I want to accomplish? I would love to finish my AA in Japanese or History this coming school year. I have near enough units to get it, I just need 45 more to finish my sophomore year. I would especially love to get myself out of debt to a point where saving money is actually a possibility. Now, I’m pretty close right now, after having paid off a credit card and a personal loan. I just have one credit line and another credit card to go and I’ll be solid. I would love to drop a hundred pounds by this time next year. Hell, six months from now would be ever better, though I’m not sure exactly how realistic that might be.

So with thirty days, I guess I should start up a new wish list. Uhm, if any of you feel like getting me something for my birthday, click here. Thanks!

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