On Untitled #16, Gemini Birthdays, and Withdrawals

Where No One seems to be suffering some sort of long-term net problem, and unfortunately (or fortunately), I’m not really aware of the nature of the problem. It kind of sucks, not living in the same place as all the servers, but by the same token, it’s kind of nice because I’m also not suffering from no net access. It kind of puts a little kink in some of the projects I had intended to work on for tonight, but there’s always tomorrow, and since I still have net access, movies and anime to watch, and feeling somewhat creative, it’s pretty easy to just find something else to do. For others, it might not be as easy, but hey, there’s more to life than WNOHGB. Trust me.

There are a lot of birthdays within the astrological sign of Gemini. I’m a Gemini. My birthday is on the 19th. But I’m not the only Gemini within my circle. My friend is either the 20th or 21st of May, Todd’s is the 24th. My aunt Yvette is on the 27th. My cousin Andrew is June 3rd, and my one of my oldest pals Tom has his landing on June 9th. My sister Susie, who I pretty much never speak to, has her’s on June 20th. Mike and Abbie’s are somewhere in there on June, but I’m failing to recall them right now. Not that I’ve forgotten they exist, I’m just totally missing dates. Which is pretty unusual, because I don’t forget dates that often. Back at the old place, May and June were like whole birthday months, simply because of the close proximity of the dates. Linda always went first, though. So, in case it is today, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to LINNA. We need to figure out when’s a good time for all of us to sit down and do everyone’s birthday, before Abbie leaves. It’ll be like Christmas, with all the presents.

Anyway, I’m writing again. This new one is called Untitled #16, and it’s a Trek story. I tend to like close quarters kind of settings, so I’m writing this one aboard a Defiant corvette, about the change of command and how the crew deals with the new captain. It’s slow-going so far, but at least I’m feeling creative enough to try this again. Lately, I’ve been feeling kind of blah, and not creative in the slightest. Lazy, lethargic, whatever you want to call it. So, I’m giving it another try. It’s already turning into a short story, with where I’m taking it, but you never know. I tend to think on a grander scale than short stories.

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    • chinaria on May 21, 2002 at 01:58

    You either have a half-way decent memory or had some help. Heh. Yes, today is my birthday. Thank you. I also agree. We need to all get together and have our Christmas in May/June. You know what I mean. Abbie leaves a couple of days before your birthday so that’s pretty much out of the question. Our best bet is either late May or early June. Call me sometime. We’ll flesh out the details.

    o/~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEE! o/~ and the other soon to be birthday folks out there.

    Aaand, for the record, I’m a Gemini/Taurus, being a cusp baby. What does that mean? I’m a stubborn psycho. 😉

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