Urge to Kill Fading… RISING! … Fading… Fading… Gone…

I just got back from Karen’s house, where we had a nice long talk about current events, things that just piss me off, and watched the first four episodes of Beautiful Life. She’s now declared the cds that I have hers for the week (now that she’s hooked) and she’s going to copy them for herself until next Thursday. I’ve not created a monster, really, since she’s been into doramas for a while, now, but it just seems as though she’s been missing the really good ones. I mean, how can anyone love doramas, but not seen Beautiful Life? It’s just such an amazing series.

Anyway, yes, my urge to kill had faded somewhat. I guess every now and again even I feel the need to punch through someone’s chest and rip out their still-beating heart from time to time, but those urges I typically keep in tight control. This week was just unbelievably insane, trying, stressful, and painful to endure. I think it was a line from a Dirty Harry movie about a man needing to know his limitations. I’m trying to remember if that movie was Sudden Impact or Magnum Force. As a self-proclaimed movie buff, I should know the answer to that one. I definitely felt myself hitting that brick wall of reality, and the result of that was me just pushing away from the online world and trying to regain my bearings. I felt as though everything were so fucked up, in a state of such disarray that resulted in me needing to take a step back and look at the big picture for a while, without anyone to hammer on me about the details.

I watched movies, I read books, I spent time outside my cave for longer than it takes to get food. I went over to my friend Robert’s house, spent nine hours talking and just getting away from the home situation. I traded in a goodly amount of my PS2 games to get High Heat Baseball 2003 because I’m utterly broke until next paycheck, and I started playing Tokyo Xtreme Racer Zero a lot, because I got addicted to Initial D and the car from that anime series is in the game and you can race with it.

I can’t believe I turn 26 next Wednesday. Speaking of which, I want to thank for sending me a gift off of my Amazon.com Wish List. It’s greatly appreciated, and I guess I will find out what you bought me at my birthday dinner thing on June 19th. Thanks!

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    • firepuff on June 14, 2002 at 04:39

    *hugs, hugs and more hugs*

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