New Year’s Resolutions

Unlike others, I tend to think of my birthday as the most appropriate time to set my resolutions for the coming year. I mean, this is the beginning of a true new year for me. New Year’s is a little too cut and dry, and to be honest, I’m just not as introspective on New Year’s as I am for my birthday. Therefore, as I’ve come to understand what I want this year, I have written down online here for everyone to see, what I intend to do.

I, Zefram Cochrane, resolve to:

1) Have the very best time I can at Anime Expo 2002.

2) Continue losing weight and watching my diet.

3) Mange my money enough to have a savings account I can be proud of.

4) Work as hard as possible to get into a school in Tokyo.

5) Avoid emotional entanglements.

6) Complete my current creative project before I leave the country.

I can try and explain what I mean by each, of course. The first and second one is pretty explanatory. I’ve already begun losing a couple of inches off my waist. My goal here is to be able to fit in a damn coach seat for the long almost-day-long flight to Japan. The third resolution is to ensure that I’ll have enough money to fall back on, and use it for the living expenses part of my stay in Japan, which leads to the fourth resolution pretty nicely.

Number five is a strong one. I cannot afford any kind of relationship beyond intimate friendship. I have a personal goal I need to tend to, and that’s paramount as of right now. This is pretty important, and a resolution that’ll be difficult, as I am very aware of the fact that I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, but so far so good. Ever since Marla, I’ve been emotionally free for almost six months, a new record since Stephanie left me. I definitely need to continue on by myself, so that I can accomplish this and then maybe I can work on that whole “shiawase” concept everyone is finding these days. My extended thoughts on this could be the subject of another livejournal entry, I’m sure.

The sixth resolution is pretty important, too. I have this book I’m writing, and I’ve finally found a good outlet for it. Not to mention, someone who’s actually interested in seeing this project to fruition and able to technically advise me along the way to make sure that I’m writing accurately on that level. This is good, as it’s provided me with inspiration to continue instead of falling short and losing interest. I hope, this time, I’ll be able to see this one through, because so far it seems like it’s going pretty good.

Anyway, there we have it. I don’t believe that this is an unreasonable list of resolutions. I’ll see what happens in a year, and try and make sure I accomplish as many as possible.

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