Taking Care of the Elderly

Another week gone, and yet another week to sleep through. As I get closer and closer to my birthday, I keep wondering what the hell I’m going to do for it. Should I go ahead and throw the huge bash, or just keep it simple and do some sort of dinner thing with some people. I guess I could always take a drive up to the City and do a little karaoke. That would make for a good party, though I doubt I could get Todd to sing in the booth. I imagine, though, if I could get him to sing, it would be pretty amazing. It’s worth the effort.

WNOHGB is still without routes, and I’m kind of without the energy to care at this point. I think my energy could be better spent on something that doesn’t frustrate the shit out of me. Something like upgrading the ruribox to RedHat 7.3 or maybe even trying to figure out where the hell I want to go with Untitled #16. Every night’s been spent writing or playing pool with , , or . I seem to be on a winning streak right now, though Grei and I are pretty evenly matched. Of course, right now, there’s nothing much to do but play pool or that scrabble game with and the aforementioned group. However, lately, it seems as though I’m getting more and more short-tempered than usual with people in chat. I think it’s because I hate chats over long periods of time, without a creative outlet like a MOO to distract me from the fact that all I’m doing is sitting on a stupid channel waiting for someone to fucking say something. Yeah, I’m definitely just getting irritated far too easily. I’m going to have to take a little break from the online world sometime this week.

My sister Anna called me last night. We had intended to go to the Giants’ game tomorrow, but the Memorial Day game was sold out weeks ago. I still want to go to a game this week though. Maybe I can browbeat someone into going with me. Anyway, so I’m expected to go and see her tomorrow, and watch the game with her on the TV. But I’m going to decline this week and beg off until next week, because then Tim (my nephew) and I can spend some time together. I think this is his last week of school, so if I were to go over there tomorrow, it would only be for a little while and then driving all the way back home for only a couple of hours of visitation just doesn’t appeal to me at all. Besides, I still need to go into storage and fish out my old anime tapes so I can give them to him to watch and have. The last box I gave him, he watched all 20 tapes in one sitting. I need to throw him my huge box o’ Ranma and Urusei Yatsura, and see how long it’ll take him to get through all of that. Another reason not to go is that Anna is sick. She was coughing loudly over the phone as we spoke, and I’m not in any hurry to expose myself to the common cold at the beginning of summer. I hate being sick in the summer. It sucks.

As for a Giants game, I think I’m going to go on Tuesday night. I’m going to see if I can’t ask Todd to go with me. I’m sure he’d love it. But the really cool thing about his birthday is that I’ve managed to get my hands on Bill Cosby tickets for like late July. They weren’t exactly cheap, but I don’t care. Every year I always give him $100 to spend at AX, so this was pretty close. And hey, you have to take care of the elderly. *duck!*

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