Today’s Anime Selection: Mahoromatic (Automatic Maiden)

I’ve actually had the first three episodes of Mahoromatic for a long time, but I’m sort of the kind of fanatic who prefers to have the entire series in front of him before he dives in with both feet to partake. I did see the first two episodes at a friend’s house before copying the episodes from CD. They were digital fansubs (digisubs). Karen finally got me the other nine episodes, so I finally finished them. It’s a cute series, and the ending tugged at my heart, made my eyes a little misty.

The story revolves around a battle android who, at the end of a large war, is given the choice of either staying in a battle configuration and living out the remainder of her life (37 days) or having all of her battle options removed and living life as a civilian model for an extended period (397 days). She decides the latter and ends up serving as a maid to a junior high school kid named Misato Suguru. It’s about twelve or thirteen episodes, and it’s something I could watch over and over again.

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