Amazon Women on the Moon and Other Assorted Eclectic Crap

Thanks to one of the players on WNOHGB, I actually started some sort of public profile including all my presently owned DVDs. This is a listing of both my live action and anime DVDs, and since I’m trying to fill in all of this stuff from memory while I’m at work, I’ll have to go home and check against my actual piles, to see if I’m correct in my recollection. And as far as the adult title checking thing, so worry, it’s just that some of the anime titles are actually sorted in the adult category. That collection listing should provide everyone here with one of those amazing revelations of exactly how diverse or wacky my taste in movies can be. Or exactly how much of my paycheck I waste on stupid shit. It’ll all be in the eye of the beholder, I guess.

Comments and questions are always invited. Nothing like trying to justify purchases in a public forum to make my day.

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