All Television and no Internet access makes Cochrane go crazy!

It being September 11th and all, and the fact that it’s one year following the tragedy that occurred in New York, the overriding theme in the week preceding has been pretty much about remembering. Remembering what happened and remembering how I felt, or where I was, and reliving the audio and video history of the event on television and radio makes forgetting utterly impossible. I think it’s one thing to have a special or a documentary about the events, but it’s quite another for the media to engage in an utter blitz on the people in a transparent attempt to boost ratings. It’s enough to suck all the emotion out of it and start despising the media for literally commercializing the shit out of it.

That said, I’m really glad to have Internet access back. As I’m back more and more, now, I’ll be able to put up a regular saga of mental crap that everyone is used to. I’ve been without a free creative outlet beyond my writing, and even then it’s beginning to fade away again. I’m almost done with the first short story of the Quarterdeck Breed series, but I’ve hit a couple of blocks that’re just frustrating.

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