The Quarterdeck Breed

Having since finished the McKenna saga and putting that story to rest, I was finding myself with this abundance of creative energy going to waste over the course of this move from one place to another. I did not have daily access to my computer, and so I began thinking a lot about what I wanted to write about next. I had quite a few unfinished stories lying about, but none of them were really grabbing me and asking or begging to be written. That was, until one morning while I was lying in bed looking at the ceiling that an idea dawned on me.

Rather than making an attempt to further a novel or a story longer than forty thousand words, I would try and put together a series of short stories about a common subject. So, in that idea, I came up with a series called The Quarterdeck Breed. Part One is affectionately called Agamemnon, while part two will be named for a B-named vessel within the Trek universe. This isn’t all WNOHGB-related or themed, though I may throw in a WNOHGB story here and there. I’m tending to stick to the canon timeline rather than exploring a theme I know so very well. However, I am tending to want to cover as many time periods as possible, with as many situations as possible to show the various studies of leadership within this fictional universe. I’m hoping that this kind of character exploration will help me to understand the nature of this kind of writing, so in as much as it is an idea wanting to get out, I’m looking forward to this being an educational process.

We’ll see how it goes.

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