AD&D Third Edition and the Age-Old Argument of Spending your last few Bucks on Food.. or Anime.

Beyond the obviousness of yesterday’s significance, I did take the last free day of my week to run some errands and drive around. With the notable exception of a few outings, I had not really gone on a random drive around the local area looking for something to do. I had experienced this sudden desire to get up off my ass, shower, and get ouf of the apartment for a while, just to experience the outside without any destination in mind. I ended up driving over to D&J Hobby to look and tempt myself into buying the core rulebooks for the third edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Wednesday night, I went over to ‘s place as I (try to) do every Wednesday night and as promised, we put together a character for me. I tend to favor female elf druids as a matter of testing. It’s either that or male elf bards. I don’t know why, it’s just one of the two, depending on my mood at the time when I make the decision. I know druids, and I know bards. But anyway, I was in the damn store and I was looking around and I realized that the only RPG books I still own are all of those Rifts books. They’re still sitting in the box in my closet. So I started stacking Third Edition books and carrying them to the counter. By the time I passed by the dice pouches, I figured I was about to make a $200 purchase, and I still needed to buy dice! I turned around and I put them back. Christ.

See, the thing is, if I buy a collection of anything, there’s a little voice somewhere inside my head that instantly says, “Buy the rest, moron. You need a complete set.” This is why the economy is bouncing back, because of people like me. I’ll go on and pick up the first of an anime series, sometimes the first two, and then watch it. If I like it, the rest of it is shipped the next day. For example, I bought the first two discs for Hellsing, and after the end of the second disc, I was already adding the rest of the series (that’s available) to my shopping cart and putting a next day air order on that shipment. Of course, it also doesn’t help to have a similiarly inclined anime freak for a roommate. Right when you need someone to intervene, he’s actually cheering you on. Hey, fuckface… you can’t eat anime! “That’s okay, I don’t need food.” … Anyway… Today, while at work, I spent most of the day trying to get myself back into the swing of things, and also bored out of my mind when I finally read the 27,669th email that had accumulated since I went on my “weekend.” I immediately paid bills online (bye bye paycheck), and then I went over to to sign myself up for this year’s annual road trip o’ fun down to Southern California. Hmm… ‘cept maybe this year, I’ll fly.

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    • mephron on February 14, 2003 at 11:22

    Wait until June to buy them. They’re going to be doing a major bugfix release of 3e around then.

    • jetblack on February 14, 2003 at 11:46

    Yeah, that’s what told me. So, I guess I’ll just wait.. but until then I’m completely reliant on someone else’s books, and I get annoyed with that.

    — ZC

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