Knight Commissioned

I’ve been agonizing over the title of the “first” Melissa Knight story ever snce I called it Untitled #11 almost a year ago. I had Knight Commander pretty much well-thought out, and as I looked back toward the first story, I went through several title suggestions:

To Dub a Knight
Knight Rising
Knight Ensign
Knight Landing
The Dawn of Knight

But none of the above seemed to fit the whole theme of having Knight in the title and yet being as clever as I thought Knight Commander was. I was sort of paying homage to the Alan Lewrie novels by Dewey Lambdin, where (most of) the titles of his Lewrie books have the word King in them. The King’s Coat, The King’s Commission, A King’s Commander, The King’s Captain, and so on… each one has that unique word in each title to let you know you’re about to read an Alan Lewrie adventure. Like I said, I thought it was rather clever for Lambdin to do that. And in sitting down to write my stories out, since I’m following in the tradition of C. S. Forrester and Dewey Lambdin in following a single character through her career in this fictional futuristic naval fleet, I would do the same. Hell, David Weber does it, why not me?

In short, I finally landed on Knight Commissioned as the title for the very first Melissa Knight story. Thoughts?

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