Studying Japanese is fun!

While I’ve been undergoing some sort of mental retardation as far as math is concerned, studying Japanese seems to remind me of why I’m slogging through the crap classes to begin with. Even arriving at class is fun, with all of the pre-class conversation and exchanges with some of the tutors. Most of the Japanese tutors are expatriate women who a) have husbands who’re currently working in the Bay Area or b) are single girls on some sort of educational program at a local college or university. While the type-b tutors can be interesting, I actually enjoy speaking with the older women more than I do the young college girls. Why? Because they have much more refined sense of humor, while the younger ones tend to be shy and not quite as open-minded. Man, some of the tutors crack me up. I remember, though, when I took Japanese 2, that one of the young tutors was a real bitch. I heard she got married to one of the students a year or two ago.

After class, today, I was looking over my workstation and trying to figure out exactly how to set it up so I can use the way cool Japanese IME in 2000. As it turns out, the server edition of 2000 doesn’t support the East Asian language IMEs, so luckily I have my trusty laptop, Ein. I use Ein to take notes in all my classes, but as it turns out, using Ein to take notes in Japanese is a big hit with the tutors. But I digress about the tutors. turned me on to this site where not only will they instruct you on how to use the Japanese IME, but they also apparently sell some Japanese language aids for studying. Like vocabulary audio flashcards and kanji trainers. I mean, holy shit… this was awesome. Kanji is a major weak spot in my studies. and now they had a program that not only sat you down and made you study, but it won’t teach you anything beyond the first set if don’t pass the first ten. Talk about tough. I failed the first set a few times, but I’m chalking that up to fatigue. It’s worth the $20-$30 per application, because using the vocab portion, I’ve learned a heck of a lot more then I did in my first ten weeks of Japanese 1.

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