The Silver Lining

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, or so they say. Of couse, most silver linings are more about how one recognizes them than anything else. A pure pessimist won’t see silver to save his day, but an optimist can be counted on to at least point it out. My week so far had been pretty shitty given the time constraints, as I had previously stated. But today, when I got to work to participate in the team meeting with our vice-president, I was struck by inspiration due to the circumstances of my arrival. I had just come from my last class to work, just like I said I would, and since I was there, I was also helping out in the network operations center. Answering phones, opening tickets, just the small stuff to help my co-worker out. I found out forty-five minutes later that the meeting was cancelled and no one told me. Hell, no one told my co-worker, either; so much for healthy communication in the workplace.

Anyway, the silver lining here is, it looks like I may have a good shot at getting my schedule changed from 9pm to 9am, to noon to midnight, which is by far a much better shift than what I’m working right now. If I just go straight to work from school, that’s much better than trying to force myself to go to sleep or trying to catnap my way through the night and be really groggy for classes and then driving home while trying not to fall asleep. Most of my exams are scheduled for Friday mornings, so anything to help cut down on shitty grades would be a big help to me. My co-worker is all for it. He’s more than willing to go 12 to 12 for my sake, which I appreciate greatly.

So we’ll see what happens.

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