Weekend of Doom

I can’t beleive I have to wait until June for the next season of Deep Space Nine, but the good news is that Babylon 5 second season is due out at the end of the month. The shocking part of the Deep Space Nine revelation stems more from the fact that I didn’t have any more seasons on preorder after second season, so I rectified that in short fashion over at Amazon.com. God forbid I don’t get my next season early, like I did before. Amazon has no concept of street dates, so they just ship it when they get it. I got DS9 like a week and a half early, and I was happy because that meant I could polish it off before the street date even hit.

It’s officially the Weekend of Doom! That’s right, get your checkbooks out, because Uncle Sam’s knocking on your door April 15th, and he’s bringing Guido and Vinny with him. He wants his take of your income! But all seriousness aside, income taxes are relatively easy to do these days with such online sites like www.TurboTax.com, which I think is a pretty neat site with all the various services they offer. My mother and father often go to H&R Block, while my grandmother retains a CPA to do hers. I always do mine online, due to the simplicity of punching in numbers and watching the Tax Due or Tax Refund numbers change everytime you get to the next section. It’s almost like watching a tennis match sometimes. You enter in your income and withholdings, bam refund numbers climb. Then you enter in your capital gains, and holy shit, I owe four grand. Where’s that extension form at?

Actually, I already filed both and am waiting until the last minute to send my money in. I was going to have them take it out of my account automagically, but I like the finality of a cashier’s check made out to my dear Uncle Sam and Governor Davis.

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    • nixnivis on April 12, 2003 at 08:19

    We’ve got until May 2 here. *phew* And to my surprise, I’m actually supposed to get a refund this year – or so they say, anyway. I won’t believe it until the money’s safely into my account, though… just in case it’s all just a cruel, belated April Fools.

    • inetmonkey on April 12, 2003 at 11:49

    Man, I got FUCKED by the state this year. I filed my paperwork weeks ago, but I’m waiting until the last minute to send them my money. And to add insult to injury, every time I drive to work there’s that sign on 87 that says “Your Measure-A Funds at Work”. Well if my funds are working, how come I’m sitting in the middle of FUCKING TRAFFIC?!? Bastards.

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