It’s been kind of a weird day. I’ve been in the NOC all of twice, and I really enjoyed it. But now, because of space restrictions, looks like I’ll be back in the NOC from here on out. I managed to do approximately 4,400+ words of technical writing today, and that’s a moderately good day (my best day was 9,800+ words), considering all the interruptions I still had in spite of being outside the NOC. And I don’t mean to imply that the IM chats I had during the course of the day were problems; I work around those rather easily.

I have officially hit my full emotional spectrum, though. I managed to be insanely happy for a good couple of hours, and then pissed off when I found out that my boss is regulating me back to the hellhole of a NOC. I really need a new fucking job. I’d like a new life, too, while I’m at it… maybe a pony, too. Or a pony car. (Sorry, , I couildn’t resist.) But I digress. Thanks to those who made the day fly by, and I hope that in turn, I was able to shoulder some of your burden as well. Specifically , , and . I’ll chat with you guys later in the week.

I love the writing so much. I wish I could do technical writing full time. It’s so relaxing.

I’m unplugging for the rest of the night. Until tomorrow…

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