It’s confirmed: I’m unattractive.

and wil definitely get the context of why I did the following, because it was one of those times where it seemed like a good idea.

I took CalTrain up from San Jose to go to the Giants game with Tap, and of course I had to take it back down. Well, it was standing room only on the train and there I was, in two layers of clothing after having sat in the sunny bleacher section for almost three hours. This extremely attractive brunette with freckles came up next to me and was carrying a book with her. I was about to make an offhand remark about the game to try and break some ice, but she started reading almost immediately. Now, I’ve read on trains before and the last thing I want is for someone to interrupt me. I took a look at the title of the book and I was absolutely floored; she was reading the latest W. E. B. Griffin. This was definitely a huge moment for me, because like only one other person on this planet that I know reads him, and on top of which, it’s like really unusual (to me) that a woman would read him. He’s the military/political thriller version of Hemmingway; overt masculine writing and perspective.

I’ve not yet read the book she was reading. Elated and with a lot of patience, I waited until we drew near to her stop, so I knew she’d interrupted herself to ask, “Pardon me for asking, but I was wondering how you were liking [the title] so far?”

She took one look at me, up and down, wrinkled her nose and turned around.

I didn’t ask for a name or a number, I was geniunely curious. Griffin’s latest stuff has been hit or miss, and I wanted to know if the book was worth it. She was halfway through it, already, so I figured she could at least help me out. Griffin’s hardbacks are not cheap 😉

Anyway, so either my Giants fanboy costume, size, face, looks, smell, or pathetic attempt to speak were wholly repulsive.

Oh, and the Giants lost, too. Wonderful day. How was yours?

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