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I’m going to section this news/info up a little bit for you guys:

So, our forums are up, but they look empty. Could you guys start posting in your respective division boards to populate them with at least one or two posts? Much obliged. 🙂

Forums: http://smf.baseballbias.com

The logins for the Main site and the forums are tied, like on the old site, but email is separate from the main site/forums!

Webmail access: http://email.baseballbias.com

User: first initial/last name (ie: jsmith)
Pass: password (change this ASAP)

If you want to use a POP3 Client instead of the webmail interface, please use the following informaiton:

User: jsmith@baseballbias.com

POP: pop.baseballbias.com
SMTP: smtp.baseballbias.com
IMAP: imap.baseballbias.com

All standard ports apply. Easy, right?

Mailing Lists
Writers’ List: bbb-writers@thebebop.net
— All of your @baseballbias.com addies are getting mail from this. List is to be used for announcements of importance. Otherwise, we’ll use the forums for discussion.

Editors list: bbb-editors@thebebop.net
— Editorial discussion/problems/issues.

Of course, don’t forget our main site: http://www.baseballbias.com

Everyone should have a user/pass setup. If you don’t, then you can register using the main site and tell me what your username is. Please use the naming convention in place above. Thanks!

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