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From a previous post:

Things happening before exhibition in March:
Site’s moving servers.
We’re upgrading to different software.
Email will be moving to another server, so back up your accounts, because it’ll be a clean slate come March.

Some updates:

– We have officially moved to a professional hosting service and have paid for a year in advance.
– We are no longer using php-Nuke 7, we are now using Joomla! v1.0.8. This means that all previous accounts are no longer with us 🙁 You will need to contact me about creating a new account on the new site as soon as you can.
– Tap has stepped down as Assistant Editor. ;_; Tasha () is going to be taking her place. Julia will be coming on board as our accountant and HR person.
– Baseball Bias will be moving from volunteer model to business model starting this season. and I are starting an LLP to manage it as a project and report it for next year’s income tax. What does this mean in terms of writing for us? That you might actually get to write off baseball tickets as a business expense for income taxes next year since you’re freelancing for us. Also, that we might be paying writers and photographers, depending on what kind of traffic and advertising revenue we get. So promote, promote, promote!
– Team Writers: Start coming up with predictions for this season (Pennant Winners, Champions, and World Series Winners. Pick your ROYs!)

, , and anyone else who has not yet talked to me, you need to let me know whether you’re in or out this season. I’m trying to get things setup and it would go a lot easier on me if I could get an answer now than a month from now. I’m looking for (at the very least) weekly content for a team of your choice.

Also, if we could please work on the communications problem this season, that would be great. Last season, getting anyone to talk with me was like pulling teeth.

Edit: Duh, I forgot to add that you can check out a possible new look for us at the live site: http://www.baseballbias.com

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