Meme Alert: Shuffling the Playlist

song: Jewel Song
artist: BoA
any special meaning to you: Not really
any memories: Not really
who would you dedicate it to: to all those seeking something to sleep by
who do you think would dedicate it to YOU: No.
are you a fan of the artist: It wouldn’t be on my iPod if I wasn’t.

song: Run All The Way!
artist: Megumi Hayashibara
favourite part of lyrics: keredo genjitsu no yume wa shindari shinai to shinjiteru yo
which genre would you put it in: Anime/J-Pop
which feeling does it portray (eg, love, heartbreak): Confidence
is it sung by a girl or boy: girl
favorite song by that artist: Natu no Uneri

song: BYE! MY BOY!
artist: the brilliant green
which number is it on your playlist: it’s not numbered
who wrote it: they did
does it have any swears in it: no
which country is the artist from: Japan
would you recommend the song: Sure, it’s a fun song.

song: Sou da! We’re Alive
artist: Morning Musume
does the title relate to the lyrics: Yep
does it describe your current emotion: I am alive, so I guess so.
What’s the first word in the song: Doryoku
how did you find out the artist: Thank you, Hey! Hey! Hey!

song: White Reflection
artist: Two-Mix
does it make you sad: Only because it’s closely associated with the crappy anime, Gundam Wing.
do your friends listen to it: Yes.
how old is the song: More than 5 years, but less than a decade.
what mood does it generate: Up-tempo.
would you listen to it all the way through: Yep.

song: Shiseikatsu
artist: aiko
which genre would you put it in: J-Pop
any special meaning to you: aiko always has a special place in my heart
does your mom like it: She’s not really into Japanese music.
which album is it from: Chiisana marui koujitsu

song: A Boozehound Named Barney
artist: The cast of ‘The Simpsons’
who do you think would dedicate it to YOU: LOL, no one.
does it bring up any memories: Many.
do you sing along to it: Absolutely.
does it describe your life at this moment: heh, no.
did it ever?: Not really… I don’t drink.

song: Last Dinosaur
artist: The Pillows
favorite song by the artist: Ride on Shooting Star
which genre would it be: J-Pop
are the lyrics meaningful: There are none.
how old is the song: 6 years
is it well known or no: Anyone who saw FLCL heard this song.

song: Deep Dish
artist: Ani DiFranco
is it sung by a girl or boy: girl
how many times have you listened to it before: My iPod says none, but iTunes says 10 on the play count.
how long have you had it on your playlist: Since forever.
which number is it on the playlist: No number.
bring up any memories: My ex-wife.

song: The Sign
artist: Ace of Base
similar to which other song: Don’t Turn Around (same beat).
who would you dedicate it to: Every ex I ever had.
what emotion is the song about: Shitty relationships.
is it hard to sing vocally: Nope.
do you like it: It’s in my playlist.


Shuffle and write down the 5 songs that came up:

1. Give a Reason – Megumi Hayashibara
2. Boys & Girls – Ayumi Hamasaki
3. Bob – aiko
4. Forever Broke – The Seatbelts
5. Shiny Love – Kasahara Hiroko

1. Do you like number 5? Yes.
2. Favorite song by artist #3? Sakura no Toku – First song I heard by her.
3. Any special meaning with #1? Other than it being damn near a theme song for me and Todd while driving.
4. Which one of the five do you listen to the most? #1
5. Which one do you listen to the least? Sad to say, Forever Broke.
6. Does your mum listen to any of the 5 of them? LOL, no.
7. First song you’ve ever heard of the five? Give a Reason.
8. Which one of the 5 is the “soundtrack to your life”? Give a Reason, Shiny Love, and Boys & Girls
9. Favorite lyric of the 5 different songs? Nothing really springs to mind.
10. Which one is least like your current emotion/theme? Bob.
11. Least favorite lyric of the 5 songs? None.
12. Have you ever felt like dedicating one of them to anyone special? Not really.
13. Which one mostly describe the situation with your crush/partner? I could probably say Forever Broke, but I’ll go with Shiny Love. ๐Ÿ˜‰
14. Which one do you think you’ll still love in the next 10 years? All of them.
15. Which genre are majority of the songs from? Japanese (anime or J-Pop)

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