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Body: September has ended and it is time to wake up. In the song, Green Day says that 7 years have gone so fast. Seven years ago, it was Fall 1998 :-O Take this quiz, post the results, and see how much things have changed since then.

7 years ago…

How old were you? 22

What grade were you in? About to be a sophomore in college

Where did you go to school? At that point, West Valley College in Saratoga, CA

Where did you work? Acer America Corporation in San Jose, CA

Where did you live? San Jose, CA

How was your hair style? Short.

Did you wear braces? Fuck, no.

Did you wear contacts? Fuck, no.

Did you wear glasses? Fuck, yes.

Who was your best friend? Same as now: Todd.

Who was your boyfriend/girlfriend? I was engage to Stephanie at this point, and we would marry on April 2, 1999.

Who was your celebrity crush? Lorrissa McComas. Oh my god, I can’t beleive I just admitted that.

Who was your regular-person crush? My fiancee.

Were you a virgin? Oh no… that had been disposed of long before.

How many piercings did you have? None. And that’s still true today.

How many tattoos did you have? Zero.

What was your favorite band? I was into anime music pretty heavily, and I didn’t listen to domesitc at all.

What was your biggest fear? Spiders. Still is.

Had you smoked a cigarette yet? Sort of.

Had you gotten drunk or high yet? Nope.

Had you driven yet? Yes

If so what car(s) did you use? 1995 Toyota Tercel XL, Cherry Red with a hamster under the hood.

Which of your pets were still alive? Our cat, Tom Servo. Nuku-Nuku is still alive (at last report).

Which friends/members of your family were still alive? My grandmother, Julia, and my great uncle, John.

Which members of your family were not born yet? My nephew, Mateo.

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