Comp Day

As promised from the previous weekend’s on-call mayhem, my boss allowed me to take one day off this week to sort of recuperate and do nothing. I, of course, did not hesitate to take him up on his offer and so I chose today to do that. I spent a majority of my day over at my buddy Robert’s house, where we watched movies, ate sandwiches, played Halo, and watched more movies. We had so much fun, he wanted me to take another day off tomorrow, but of course, I can’t rightly take further advantage of my boss’ generosity.

For those of you out there who don’t know what exactly a comp day is, a comp day is simply a day off work that’s off the books (ie: no paid time off is used) at the verbal direction of your manager or employer. I used to earn comp days at other companies by working beyond my 80 hours, such as covering a shift for someone who is sick or maybe working well beyond my shift on an issue that required constant attention so as to warrant not handing it off to your colleagues (which does happen from time to time). I remember at one company, I had earned enough comp time to take a week off back in 2001, and I did that and enjoyed getting paid for not working a lot! It’s like taking a vacation you don’t have to get approved way in advance.

Anyway, I slept in big time, waking up after noon, to sort of recharge the batteries that got discharged over the weekend. Though, right now, I’m sort of wishing I could get more than one day off, just because I don’t think one day was particularly enough to really get the job done. But, I do have things I need to attend to tomorrow. So, I’ll keep this blog post brief.

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