A Winter Without Snow

Today’s Holidalies prompt is: “Have you ever had a winter without snow?”

I live in California, so the answer is going to be yes.  Pretty much every year since birth has been a winter without snow. Though, we did, one year, venture up to Lake Tahoe and enjoyed the snow, but otherwise… snow doesn’t fall all that naturally here in Silicon Valley.  Maybe up north, around Shasta, but not down here.  My dad gets snow every year, but he lives in Portola Valley near the Nevada border.  It’s pretty much a guarantee that at his elevation he’ll get snow every year.  It makes visiting him a bit of a trip, so we have to plan for April or May, when the snow melts and makes driving a lot less perilous.

In other news, I got my hands on the first three seasons of Stargate: Atlantis, so my weekend has been spent watching it.  I forgot how awesome this series was!  I haven’t really been keeping up with it on the SciFi Channel, but then again, I’ve been avoiding television since the Writers’ Strike began in November.

Are there any television programs you will immediately drop everything and watch?

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