Today’s Holidailies prompt is:  “What childhood activity do you miss? What childhood activities have you refused to give up?”

Around my neighborhood, we used to ride our bikes up and down the block constantly.  So much so, that we made up a game called “Road.”  The sidewalk on our block was inset from the road with enough space for people to plant stuff like bushes, trees, planters, or what have you.  It made it unique, as each house had something different, so it was very much like points of interest along our “road.”  Bikes would travel down the sidewalk on the correct side of the path, and the path was wide enough to accommodate two bicycles at a time without the fear of crashing.  So we would ride up and down and meet each other at various places, or we would take up ‘residence’ near some planters or bushes and that would be where we ‘lived.’  It was all really absurd if you think about it as an adult, but I think it’s all of these little absurdities that children play at that made it a lot of fun.  That a group activity such as this could be a lot of fun for four neighborhood kids to just ride and play and laugh themselves silly or come up with various situations to play through.  I guess you could say that this is one of the reasons why I like tabletop gaming so much, or maybe why I chose to write a lot as a child.  We used our imaginations in an age before there was cable or internet or access to vast libraries beyond the small one we would go to on occasion.

I think the only childhood activity I still partake in is watching cartoons.  Though, my brand of cartoons tend to be far more mature than the Saturday mornings spent in front of the boob tube, and from another country, but I still watch ’em.
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