Holiday Party

Today was my company’s holiday party and it was pretty awesome. Though it was just in the open space near the kitchen, they had it all decked out with casino games. Craps, poker, blackjack, roulette… ping pong… and there was supposed to be a darts tourney, but they never got their act together… so I didn’t get to throw any darts. I hope someone remembered to bring down the dartboard before leaving. That would suck if they didn’t.

I gravitated toward my usual games… poker and blackjack, but they were full. So, I noticed some of my co-workers were at the craps table, and I walked over to see what they were doing. I used my 500 dollar chit and got some chips and started playing. Folks, I had no idea craps was so much fun. When it came time for me to roll, I was hitting sevens and elevens, and then I was like a six magnet. Kept hitting six over and over… until the seventh time I hit it and then I rolled nines and fives until I hit the eight and won on the pass line. And if you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, then you need to go online and find out what craps is. I think the next time I enter a real casino, I’m going to play, because it was so cool. Now that I know how to play…

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    • Jason Nassi on December 21, 2007 at 20:48

    Craps is the bomb. It’s the only casino game where everyone at the table is playing together, instead of simply playing against the casino. It’s the most social game — everyone becomes your best friend if you catch a hot roll. The fact that everyone’s standing up doesn’t hurt, either.. harder to get bored since you’re not stuck sitting down.

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