The Todd Has Landed

I picked up Todd today, he took the train in from Sacramento and I had to meet him at the station a little before noon.  He liked the Excelsior model I put together for him and then he passed out his gifts to us.  I got a $50 gift certificate to, and Julia got the complete set of Azumanga Daiou DVDs.  So, now I know what she’ll be watching all the time in the coming days, weeks, and months.

He was pretty exhausted, having stayed up all night wrapping presents (because he’s a procrastinator like me), and then slept sparingly on the train down. I had him take a nap in our bedroom, because holding a conversation with him was pretty pointless when he would just start nodding off without warning in the middle of a sentence.  It was like talking with a narcoleptic.  Once he napped, though, he was a lot more livelier!   Tap cooked dinner, using chicken, broccoli, potatoes and red wine.  It was awesome.  After dinner, he had to go over to his brother’s house so he could prepare for the family Christmases (2) before he heads back to Sacramento on late Christmas Day.  It sucks I don’t get to hang out with him more often.

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