The Weekend Begins…

The holiday weekend has begun and already I’m feeling the shell shock of the season.  One of the biggest problems is the last-minute frenzy of the season, and the fact that live across from a damned mall made it near impossible to actually get out of my apartment building today.  I pulled out of my carport and the gate opened to a traffic jam.  It took nearly 30 minutes (I know, because I was watching an episode of Stargate: Atlantis on my iPod) to actually touch the road with my tires.  That’s a half an hour of waiting to actually get onto the road.  I’m just really glad I had my iPod with me to pass the time, but it meant I was delayed for that long before I could join the rat race, myself.

Tap is down for the weekend, and Todd is coming in tomorrow.  I’m so glad that I got to finish Excelsior this week.  I was honestly worried that I wouldn’t make it.

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    • Smurf on December 23, 2007 at 05:31

    A half hour to get out of your driveway. Um, DAMN.

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