I’m in the Mood for Dancing…

Well, I dislike subjectless posts, and since that was the part of the nonstop mix that was playing, it seems to fit my mood right now. I wake up to DDR music, and it just makes me want to start dancing! Yeah! But, lately I’ve been pretty much regulated over to 4th mix plus, which is my current favorite, but I’m finding so many awesome songs on the 6th and 7th mixes that I’m itching to go over there and try out. I think I’m pretty much obsessed with playing DDR these days, but as with all things, oh well, who gives a fuck? It’s fun and I’ve dropped an inch and half off my waist already.

I hung out with Todd last night, it’s the only day off he and I had in common over the last couple of weeks. With my work and school schedule, it’s making it a little difficult to get together with friends, not to mention just relaxing. I’ll be very glad when this quarter ends and I have the summer to relax. I have a lot of plans this summer. The house will be empty in late July, so I might throw an all-out bash, like back in the olden days. I wonder how much it would cost me to rent a DDR machine for a weekend? Put that sucker up for free play and just go nuts. I’d probably piss the neighbors off, but I doubt it. I forgot how nice it is to live in a house and not an apartment.

Anyway, I talked with Todd yesterday about the whole housing situation. It turns out that he was going to go move out with one of his co-workers into some apartment east of Oakridge Mall, but they didn’t get the apartment, so he’s stuck at his mom’s house still, until they can find something in their price range. I was thinking about his arrangement, and I told him that if they still hadn’t found anything by August, that I’d offer to be his roommate. I know his co-worker and he seems like a nice guy, but Todd would have to share with this guy and his girlfriend, and knowing Todd… that would make him pretty damn uncomfortable. And as nice and easygoing a guy Todd is, he’d eventually get irritated and not say anything and just be miserable about it. Why not just live with his best bud and know that it’s all good? He can be himself and not have to worry about being judged. I’ve known him for nine years, we’ve lived together before, so it’s no big deal.

But, the most important thing to note is that today is Todd’s birthday! He turns 26 today, and that makes him older than me! Muhaha! Of course, this means that I can’t hang with him today or tonight because I have to go to work and slave away for fifteen hours. But that’s okay, because come next week, I’ll definitely be making it up to him.

The Otaking.org network is still not working. I imagine we’re still waiting for NAS to get off their asses to give us our new block of IP addresses. Now as soon as they do that, I have a shitload of zone files to redo with the new addresses. Damn all those domains! At least NSI isn’t reliant upon email authentication anymore, which is good. After the first couple of times of having to pay them to reset our authentication, I just learned my lesson. PGP-Encrypt rules.

With WNOHGB down, though, I’ve been missing everyone I usually talk to. We’ve all sort of migrated over to Yahoo chat rooms for the time being, it would seem, but it’s not the same as the game itself. I just couldn’t possibly make any attempts to see anyone role–play within those stark chat rooms and get away with it as being believable. Oh well. I am missing someone in particular, whose friendship has been pretty nice to have and our conversations have pretty much dropped to non-existent. We all have our responsibilities, though. I can understand that. Understanding doesn’t necessarily ease the absence that I definitely feel. As with all things, though, I’ll deal with it and will eventually shrug it off. Kind of scary, that I’m capable of being that easily dismissive, but after the kind of shit I’ve had to put up with, I guess I’ve developed that kind of attitude. Shit happens, what’re you going to do?

Finally, but not any less important, I’d like to thank for sending me a birthday present off my Amazon.com Wish List. I won’t open my presents until my birthday, so it’s sitting on top of my DVD case (since everything on my list is a DVD) waiting to be opened. But thanks so much!

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