Remembering Memorial Day

The Memorial Day weekend is over. I worked for all of it, with the exception of the holiday itself. I spent Monday in Manteca with my sister, Anna, and my nephew, Timmy. He’s a good kid, but I can’t enjoy movies with him, I’m beginning to figure out. At least, not movies where you sit down and watch them in the living room. He was begging me to take him to go see Episode II, but Anna didn’t want to go because she doesn’t like Star Wars. Instead, I promised him that I would look after him next week and during that week we would go see a couple of movies together so he could catch up on all the big hits before he goes to live with his dad for the summer and I won’t see him until school starts in August. Timmy is starting to get into Anime a great deal, at this age of eleven years old. I’ve already given him a whole bunch of tapes that I have DVDs of, like most of the Tenchi series. He absorbed those tapes and apparently watches the shit out of them on a weekly basis in his room. Ah, I remember how obsessive I was over anime over ten years ago… I was watching anime all the time back then. Not that I don’t watch a fair share of anime right now, just the opposite, but there are other things to watch, too.

I arrived at their place at four in the morning, coming straight from work (after a brief stopover at my house to pick up a change of clothes and other necessities), and listening to the ass-end of the Giants/Rockies disappointment during the midnight rebroadcast of the game on KNBR. After it was over, I listened to the crappy banter of ESPN Radio. Anyway, when I got there, both of them were still up, waiting for me. And I sort of sent them both to bed, feeling rather bad that they would do that. Timmy’s hyperactive as it is, but Anna was not feeling very well and had a bad cough. So we all went to sleep, or so I thought. I couldn’t get comfortable enough on the couch, so I stayed up watching TV. They left it on Cartoon Network, so I ended up watching old WB cartoons, Max Steele, Powerpuff Girls… and then they started broadcasting an all-day marathon of Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Now, I’m usually not given to stupid humor, but this cartoon was hilarious. Anna hates it, but Timmy loves it. Of course, he ONLY watches Cartoon Network, for Toonami. But I was dying of laughter, because some of this humor is actually adult-level, though Timmy didn’t get some of it, I’m sure. Rated Y7, it was just funny. So I watched that until about a quarter to noon, when I decided it was time to go play DDR. We took off for Camelot’s, and played for almost three hours! My legs were like jelly, but there was a nice crowd over there, and the guys and girls playing DDR were pretty cool. We were all sharing the platforms and having a lot of fun. Timmy usually goes off by himself, because he likes the single player games or winning tickets. I just give him ten bucks and he has a blast by himself. And since there were two DDR machines, I was in heaven, so we both had a good time. I was concerned at first that Timmy wanted me to hang out and follow him all over the arcade, but he got tired of that last time, so we just split up and when it’s time for me to go soak my legs in Epsom salts (jk), I go find him and we play Virtua Cop or House of the Dead 2, where we can both shoot and kill things together for a while. And any tokens left over go to him, anyway, so if he wants to go back with his mom, he’ll have some ammunition for having fun without bugging Anna for money. We left, drove around Manteca talking, got some gas for the car, and then we went to go eat. Brought home some food, and by that time it was already around five, and Anna decided to go rent movies. She got The Last Castle, Someone Like You, and The Others. I hadn’t seen The Last Castle, and I like Robert Redford and James Gandolfini. It was a good movie, made me cry. By this time, I was like on my fourth wind, and I couldn’t believe how energized I was feeling despite not having any sleep since Sunday morning. We watched a couple more hours of TV, and then I decided to take off after Timmy went to sleep. I didn’t get home until almost 2am, even though I left at midnight.

I wanted to take Anna and Timmy to go see the Giants at Pacific Bell Park yesterday, and since they defeated the Diamondbacks to come within a game and a half of taking the lead in the NL West division, it’s going to make for a really good series this week. I am trying to convince my buddy Todd to go with me one of these nights to go see the Giants play Arizona and hopefully, if they sweep them, they’ll be on top the division with a couple of games between them and the Dbacks. I am pretty excited to see Bonds climb the all-time home run list. He already topped McGwire, and now he’s going after Robinson for the fourth place spot. With as many more seasons he’s got to his career, I wouldn’t be surprised if he started chasing after Hank Aaron. I’m sure Hank Aaron wouldn’t mind at all at having his record broken.

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    • chinaria on May 29, 2002 at 04:19

    D-Backs, baby!

    • jetblack on May 29, 2002 at 07:28

    D-backs getting their ass handed to them this series so far. Giants have taken 2 of 4 as of last night. We’ll see what happens tonight.

    — ZC

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