I’ll express my concern over the latter, first. Holy fucking shit! I go away for a week on vacation and I come back to read that the company that my ex-wife works for is buying my company. Never mind we happen to work in the same damn department or anything. I’m actually trying to figure out if I get to keep my job or not. When two companies merge, they tend to ‘reorganize’ which is corporate shorthand for ‘laying off a whole mess of people’. Bleh. I’ll have worked at PayPal for a year on August 1st. I hope I’ll reach that day without incident. But I am pretty worried about this, for a whole lot of reasons.

Anime Expo, on the other hand, was pretty fun. I’ll have a full and detailed report posted here in the near future, but all I will say about it is that I think this was my last one. We’ll see about next year, but if I’m in Japan, I doubt I’ll be going to AX again.

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