eXistenZ: Am I still in the Game?

I recently signed up with Netflix, which is a company that does DVD rentals by mail. You sign up for their basic service and you get to rent three DVDs at a time. No due dates, and you just send the movies back when you’re done. Pretty good deal for twenty bucks a month. Now that I’ve explained all that, and done my little bit to promote the company, let me explain the reason for this particular little log entry.

I liken it to the Matrix in the world-within-a-world type concept, but the truth is that this was a little bit above and beyond your typical science-fiction flick. In fact, it was pretty much a complete and utter mindfuck. No wonder my ex-wife loved this movie, it’s right up her alley. And I don’t mean that in an insulting sense, she just tended to embrace intelligently written movies. I guess this means I’d better keep an eye out for the other films I avoided while we were together. Including Pi and maybe I’ll even try watching some of the thrillers she liked. For the moment, though, I’m just going to sort of sit here and recollect my thoughts…

… now where did I put my thoughts?

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