Shin-Kimagure Orange Road: Soshite, Ano Natsu no Hajimari

ADV translated the title of this film to “New Kimagure Orange Road: Summer’s Beginning.” That’s close enough, I guess. It’s an amazing film that I got reacquainted with at Anime Expo, and ended up buying for my collection. Yes, I cried during that one scene where Kyousuke from 1991 rescues Kyousuke from 1994 while Madoka plays Kyousuke #1. Shit, I bawled like a baby in 1997 when I saw it unsubtitled at AX97 on AXTV. Anyway, just though I would note that here, since I’m probably going to be watching at least one new anime movie a day.

Anime Expo rejuvenated my obsession with anime. More news about AX to come shortly. Give me time to digest and compose an accurate report. Thanks.

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