A .470 Batting Average?

I’ve decided to add batting practice to my exercise regime. I needed an upper body type of activity to start working the arm muscles a little more, so every day, now, I’m starting to head to the batting cages to get in a hundred pitches in the affectionate “slow speed” cage at the baseball pro shop right around the corner from my house. Now, you might question the validity of this kind of exercise, but trust me… a hundred pitches tends to make your arms feel like putty right around the last set of twenty pitches that come out of that machine.

Today, I hit forty-seven pitches solidly out of a hundred, which gives me a .470 batting average. I counted at least three home runs, by the angle and the sound crack of my bat… either that or deep hits to the track. Either way, it made me feel a lot better. Getting out of that cage, I felt like not wanting to lift anything for a while. I had to walk around the strip mall there to get the feeling back in my arms, and now typing has become something of a chore for me.

Despite the pain, I love it. I’ll be going back tomorrow for sure.

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    • saebel on July 10, 2002 at 09:17

    Does anyone else read Cochrane’s masochistic tendencies in the line that reads, “Despite the pain, I love it?”

    0 🙂

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