EverQuest, Shomuni, and RFW… oh my…

Todd’s brother Jody stayed over at our place for the last three days. He brought his computer and uplinked to our bridge router and was pretty much taking full advantage of the 786 line with us. With Todd no longer working and generally being a lazy bum for the first time in over two years, they’ve been playing nonstop EverQuest for the past seventy-two hours. I join in when I can, since I still have my characters and I like to play a lot. I just haven’t had much of a chance until we got the broadband connection to put any serious effort into it. I finally got an enchanter out of lowbie-dom and closer to level ten. I haven’t really played any of my lowbie characters enough to notice all of the changes they made to the newbie/lowbie areas within Greater Faydark. Christ, a newbie can get his ass handed to him in nothing flat if he’s not too careful. I’m gunning to bring my enchanter to level twelve or better by next Friday or so.

While I’ve been sleeping, I’ve been watching Shomuni by osmosis, you could say. That is, I put Shomuni on loop (all 11 episodes I have) and just fall asleep watching it. This is typically a bad idea, as I tend to want to stay awake and watch it. Over the course of three nights, I’ve been half-watching Shomuni’s first and second episodes, and I’ve still yet to actually complete them. Shomuni is a really funny series, from what I’ve seen so far. It has Esumi Makiko in it, who is just a hottie that demands people kill for her (in a figurative sense). She’s tall, has this amazing long black hair and an icy cold stare that would chill a head of lettuce at a mean distance of three miles. In other words, she’s a babe. Any Japanese dorama with Esumi Makiko in it is pretty much going to be a winner with me. Of her other doramas that I’ve seen, I think Over Time is her best one.

Radio Free WNOHGB is back online and broadcasting goodness 24/7 again. I kept hearing small complaints and gripes about its closure back in July a little too much and decided that it was worth it to me to bring it back. If only to have a cool set to listen to at work, and one that I can share with other people on the game and apparently in other countries. In the last twenty four hours, Japanese listeners have posted bigger numbers than American listeners, which is kind of surprising since all of my spoken content is in English and not Japanese, but of course, they’re not listening to me speak, they’re listening to all the anime and J-Pop music I’ve been able to get my grubby hands on. Unfortunately, or fortunately if your perspective dictates, I’m going to wipe RFW clean and start reprogramming it for a more stricter format of all Japanese music. I have far too much domestic crap on there, taking up valuable MP3 space. Not to mention that it can get a little repetitive of listening to same openings and endings and other music, so I’m going to locate as much game (Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears) music as possible to upload and start playing. We’ll see how the reformatting goes in the coming week when I’m done with work for four days.

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