It took me less than a month, but the first part of The Quarterdeck Breed has finally been completed and published on the web. The story was writing itself in the beginning for a good while there, but then about halfway through I started to lose my way. Infusing some ideas from projects that I had abandoned, I think that it turned out to be a good short story in the end. I would love it if people would head on over and take a read, if you like Trek fanfiction that isn’t steeped in the focused universe.

I get really sick of reading Kirk/Spock/McCoy, or Picard/Riker/Data, or Sisko/Kira/Odo, or even Janeway/Chakotay/Tuvok stories after a while. I’ll read the Pocket Books published stuff, but the features in fanfiction never seem to really live up to what I expect. Rather than being a disappointment to other people, I choose to simply write about characters and ships that no one has ever really seen or paid attention to before. Agamemnon is one of those stories. Ever since I had heard its name being mentioned in the episode Descent, Part I of The Next Generation, I had often wondered about who was in command, what was her crew like? What did it feel like to be right there during that whole ordeal? Where did that ship did up during the Dominion War? Was it destroyed? There’s a whole lot of potential for crafting stories with just the mention of another ship in a single episode, isn’t there?

The Quarterdeck Breed will continue, of course. The next story is called Bellerophon.

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