When Credit Card Numbers are Compromised…

… then Cochrane goes for up to two weeks without a check card. Not that I used it every day, but it was also my ATM card and so this means that while they’re issuing me a new number, I can’t get money out of the ATM to get some damn food. My mother suggested I write checks, but I dislike writing checks since they bounce. No one likes bouncing checks, so I do everything by check card or bill payments via my bank.

Anyway, suffice to say that the extent of my petty cash has been reduced to actual physical cash on hand rather than relying on either debiting or faux crediting stuff to the check card. Today, of course, is the day where I have nothing on hand and so I’m forced to starve at work until the Friday night food fest at 5. I had a bagel this morning, but that was it. I’m hungry, now.

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