Losing Weight and Current Fiction projects

Okay, so my roommate went to Target and brought home the dreaded scale, for which we now use to track our individual weight. Now, I’ve been pretty dead set that my weight has hovered around or above thre hundred pounds, and today, I kind of got a major shock. Not only am I not above three hundred, but I’ve managed to lose twenty pounds. I’m 280 pounds, now. Which means that this DDR regimen is definitely having some impact on my body, and I have not altered my diet in any way shape or form. I continue to gorge on pizza, ice cream, and other nasty unhealthy items like fast and junk foods.

Like , I’m going to list my list of fics:

Completed fics:
Twice Upon a Time (Star Trek)*
The Latest Rage (Star Trek)*
Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice (Star Trek)*
Fate, Destiny, and the Starfleet Officer (Star Trek)*
Family Matters (Star Trek)*
Footprints in the Sand (Star Trek)*
In a Rush to Grow Up (Star Trek)*
In Memoriam (Star Trek)*
On the Wings of Hope (Hope Station)
Hope’s Mutiny (Hope Station) — destroyed
Communiques (Star Trek)
The Face of the Smiling Vulcan (Stark Trek)
The Misadventures of January McKenna (Star Trek)
The Taking of the USS Venture (Star Trek)
The Quarterdeck Breed: Agamemnon (Star Trek)
The Quarterdeck Breed: Bellerophon (Star Trek)
The Quarterdeck Breed: Constitution (Star Trek)
The Quarterdeck Breed: Dallas (Star Trek)

* indicates that these are hardcopy only, and I haven’t had a chance to transcribe them from hard to softcopy.

In progress:
The Quarterdeck Breed: Excelsior (Star Trek)
The Quarterdeck Breed: Fearless (Star Trek)
The Quartredeck Breed: Gallant (Star Trek)
Knight Commissioned (Hope Station), fka Untitled #12
Knight Commander (Hope Station), fka Untitled #17
The Second Star Freight Company (Hope Station), fka Untitled #18

Future/Planned Projects:
Knight Lieutenant (Hope Station)
A Knight’s Dilemma (Hope Station)
The Quarterdeck Breed: Hood (Star Trek)
The Quarterdeck Breed: Indefatigable (Star Trek)
Untitled #19 (Star Trek)

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    • nixnivis on March 11, 2003 at 18:14

    So your I-ship will be the Indy, eh? Why am I not suprised? 😉

    • jetblack on March 11, 2003 at 19:35

    Was there ever any doubt? 🙂 That’s one of my favorite ship names to use 🙂

    — ZC

    • nixnivis on March 11, 2003 at 20:34

    Come to think of it, I would have been surprised if you had used some other name… 🙂

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