Week Three comes to a close… only eight more to go…

A little bit of an end of the week report from school, since I’ve not been doing my daily gripes from algebra. We finally got into a section of the class that requires my attention, in dealing with variable expressions and equations. I had not had to think about variables in forever, so my attention on the lecture was solid this entire week, including the ones leading up to the exam yesterday, especially the homework sections. I got my math exam score this morning, and I got an A- on it. I’m feeling much better about math than I was about a week ago, that’s for sure. Speaking of A’s, I got my midterm essay back from my philosophy instructor, and he informed me he gave it the higest possible score of 75 out of 75. It seems to me that this week has been really good academically.

In other news, my creative writing has come to a complete halt. Much to the dismay of , I’m sure 😉 I have not even had a chance to read anything let alone write, so all of the new stuff she’s coming out with lately I’ve not yet had a chance to look over and provide some feedback that’s worthy. Bleh.

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    • nixnivis on April 25, 2003 at 19:54

    Ehm… oops. 😉

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