Fall Quarter 2003

September is here and already my thoughts turn to the upcoming quarter of school at Foothill near the end of the month. After the spring quarter, I actually felt pretty accomplished. It had been quite a while since I had actually seen a quarter all the way through, and with the amount of time I spent researching papers and participating in Japanese lectures and activities, it was a really nice thing to see a B average on my report card. I was looking forward to spring quarter, but the current work load eBay throws me has me a bit nervous. PayPal was slow enough to allow me to study in between slow times, but eBay requires far more aggresive attention than PayPal ever did, which might threaten my ability to study on the weekend tremendously. I might be relegated to studying when I got home rather than on shift, which would definitely hurt me in the long run.

Originally, I had selected Japanese 4, Japanese 13A, Math 105, and Music 3A to be my selections for course during this upcoming quarter, but given the current circumstances, I opted to drop the extra math class (Music 3A) and picked up Economics 1A instead. It was swaping out one 5 unit course for another 5 unit course, and it just seemed to me to be a much better choice for me this quarter than Music Theory. Not that I don’t like music theory, inf fact I’ve already taken it at West Valley, but maybe having double-math would be a bad idea, since theory is mostly just math, from what I recall. Besides, I could use the refresher in macroeconomics with all the rearranging we’re doing on WNOHGB.

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