Neo-Major League Baseball (sci-fi)

This was originally going to be a Gratuitous Icon Post (GIP), but then I thought I would share with you guys some of the graphic work I’ve been doing for the Hope Station encyclopedia. I’ve been working on this huge encyclopedia resource for my own nefarious purposes, and I’m not sure if anyone remembers the baseball story I wrote a while back, but I wanted to see team logos and ballcaps. Call it my yearning for baseball during the offseason. Anyway, the logos are below:

The Neo-Major Leagues, as of 2130…

The Fontana Suns were originally a Class-A minor league ball club in the Jericho League with seven other teams. The Suns had been a co-op until 2124, when they were brought into the Neo-Majors after the destruction of Earth.

The very first baseball club on Mars, the Gerrold Pioneers were a Class-A affiliate of the Havana Diablos. They’re the oldest surviving baseball club in the solar system.

The newest team in the league, the Hope Station Giants play in a stadium on the top deck of the space station, complete with an Earth simulation. People come from around the solar system to see games played as though they were back on Earth.

The Comets originally existed as the Kelso Colony Aggies and were the first baseball team to form off of Jericho (Mars), and flourished as a Class-AA affiliate of the New York Yankees until 2122. When reformed into the NMLB, the Colony voted on the name as they also collectively owned the team. This is the only publicly-owned team in the Majors.

After the Pioneers formed in 2051, the Lick Segment of the Jericho Colony formed a ballclub known as the Observers. The O’s were a co-operative squad until 2101, when they became an exclusive affiliate to the Nagoya Dragons. Due to financial problems after the 2110 season, the Observers moved from the Lick Segment to the Prometheus asteroid colony where they were renamed as the Pirates. When the NMLB formed in 2123, Lick Segment was awarded a franchise, and the new team was named the Navigators. Since 2124 the Navigators have been a dominant presence in the Inner Planets Division, never placing below second.

Although Kelso had the honor of being the first off-Mars club, Pacifica was the first team formed outside of the inner planets. The capital city of Ganymede won a franchise during the formation of the double-A Jupiter League (that also included Kelso Colony), as an affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. Pacifica decided to honor the memory of the Cubs and kept the name after joining the NMLB in 2125.

The owners of the Callisto Icebreakers from the Jupiter League returned to the ice moon in 2125 and purchased a franchise for the Pride. Due to space limitations within the domes, the Pride plays home games at the Callisto University’s baseball field.

When the Lick Segment Observers were purchased by a Prometheus-based corporation, they moved the team to the asteroid colony in 2110 and renamed them as the Pirates. Since their move, the Pirates have only contended for the inner planets pennant once, in 2112. They are the only team, with the exception of the Giants, to have never won a System Series Championship.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m going back to writing. 🙂

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    • sdragon on March 9, 2005 at 16:22

    *applauds* Awesome!

    • deathbytamarind on March 9, 2005 at 16:29

    Dude <3.

    Wanna do the San Jose Spiders logo for me? I'm thinking of writing original fiction (GASP) and the Spiders will be the team I am writing about.

    • jetblack on March 9, 2005 at 16:31

    I need colors and what you had in mind. I may also need some spider designs.

    — ZC

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