The Changing of the Season

Since it is now officially autumn here in the Bay Area, I thought it would be appropriate to remark a little something about the changing of the seasons in reality as opposed to marking a day on the calendar. Nature doesn’t really give a shit about our calendar, it changes whenever it feels like it. Through September and October, the weather did not reflect anything less than a long summer, as though the baseball season were truly governing the weather and waited until the end of the Fall Classic to actually remind us that, oh yeah… it is fall.

With the weather changing, it’s also the time of year when other things change as well. Sometimes, a conviction that you hold on yourself toward a certain aspect of life will change and suddenly a whole other set of possibilities are presented before you for the choosing. In discussing a problem with a friend of mine, I’ve discovered a part of myself that I’d not been acquainted with in a long time and so because of that, I’m feeling a lot better than I had in months. I hope it keeps up, and perhaps I’ll even find time to get back to my writing projects.

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