How did you become a baseball fan?

The old cliche of dads bringing sons to ballgames is what happened with me. My dad was actually a Cleveland fan, and when the Giants moved west to San Francisco, he started rooting for the new home team. My first game at Candlestick was in the fifth grade, and I remember watching Chili Davis put the bat on the ball and after I found a way that my dad and I could communicate without trading insults, baseball became a quick favorite… above and beyond football ever was or ever will be. I also fell in love with Cleveland.

How long have you been a baseball fan?

Fifth grade was around nine years old. My dad says that football was my first love, but that was because my grandfather took me to the Stick for 49ers games, and I loved it.

What’s you favorite team?

I have three, in order of love: 1) Giants, 2) Indians, 3) Athletics.

Least favorite baseball teams?

I would have to say that the Dodgers are pretty much the only team in baseball I absolutely abhore. Above that, it’s the White Sox.

Favorite players?

Rich Aurilia, Barry Bonds, Jason Schmidt, Noah Lowry, Dustan Mohr, Jose Cruz, Jr., and J.T. Snow.

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