Read the announcement about WNOHGB closing.

Back in 1998, a group of friends got together to design and build an online text game centered around Star Trek. We called it Where No One Has Gone Before and it survived for over seven years of the past sixteen that I’ve participated in online text-based games. Yesterday night, after a long conversation with the other people who’re responsible for administrating the game, we decided that enough was enough for all of us. We weren’t the same idealistic people we used to be, and we had other things that now occupied our interest. WNOHGB was suffering due to a lack of administrative effort, and to continue to delay the game only served to let it fail. Rather than trying to keep it on life support, we announced to all our players that we have pulled the plug once and for all.

I’m sad that it’s done, but I feel like a tremendous burden has been lifted.

Time for the next challenge.

This is Zefram Cochrane, signing off for the last time.

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