I’m trying to get back into a better activity routine. Early yesterday, Jon called and then came over and we did a 1.5 mile walk and stretch; I think he wants me to ease back into it because right around the one mile mark, my left knee started to ache a little bit and even after stretching out my quads the pain did not go away. I don’t mind waking, but I’m eager to work on my upper body, which is where the flub bases it’s operations out of. It would be great to finally get to 250, which is way closer to my target weight than 305 is. It would also be great to not be the resident creepy ugly overweight Hispanic guy; I’ll become the resident creepy slightly overweight Hispanic guy, instead. 😛 I told Jon I’d like to reach 250 by my next birthday, and he said not only was that reachable in 12 months, but he wouldn’t be surprised if I was 225, if I worked hard enough. He also recommended I get back into the workout routine from before Anime Expo, and maybe join a gym, but…

I have to admit to being really fucking self-conscious at a gym. The last time I went to a gym to check it out, I remember that I was looking around and seeing everyone there look at me like I was a fucking cautionary tale. Normally, I don’t care, but I mean… it was a fucking gym, people. I got the hell out of there post-haste. When I was working at eBay, I used to go to the private gym there in the middle of the night, when no one else was there. I know it might be a shock to some, but recently I’ve felt like some of my seld-confidence has disappeared, and I’m trying to figure out why that is. No answers, yet, but until I get to that point again, I think I’m going to continue to just do my everyday cardio routine until I feel like I’ve gotten to a place where I can go to a gym and use weights. Todd’s brother Matt stopped by to visit, and he mentioned joining the gym down the street… I said I might be interested in joining, too, if he was going along.

In the anime world, I have moved from School Rumble and Najica to Aishiteruze Baby!, which is incredibly adorable so far. This high school playboy comes home one day to find a little girl sitting in his home’s foyer. His mother orders him to take care of her from now on, as the little girl’s mother abandoned her on their doorstep and they’ve no idea when she’ll be back, if ever. So, he spends the entire morning dealing with her and getting her to kindergarten, and the first thing he does when he gets to class is collapse in the doorway and gasp, “I’m never… having children… ever!” I died laughing. But later in the episode, they kind of get into a situation where she gets lost, and he exhibits some character in looking for her (as it was written), and I just thought the interaction was pretty cool. Especially when the little girl is digging around in his room and she finds his porn! Hilarious. After this, I’ve got Jinki: Extend to watch, so I’m hoping this goes as fast as School Rumble did.

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