So, my first dart set arrived today. After shattering tips left and right, I finally have my own property to shatter. I took a picture of the set I purchased. The set was just the grips, barrels, and shafts, but I added the skull and cross flights and rubber o-rings to keep the grip in place, as well as three tips from my brand new bag of red tips, which I think makes it look awesome. I’m thinking about picking up a set of black or blue grips/tips.

Red DartsI took this photo with my phone, and uploaded it to my new flickr account. Julia is kind of bent out of shape about this dart hobby I’ve acquired. Of course, you know the real reason is just because things can get expensive in this hobby (and what hobby /isn’t/ expensive?). But, it really helped me fit in here easier by joining the guys for games every day. This is the kind of thing that builds a close-knit team and I’m all for it.

So, nyah.

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