December vs. December

Today’s Holidailies prompt is: “How is this December different from last year?”

Where to begin…

Last December, I was under the impression that my contract was coming to an end, because I was informed at the beginning (by both my manager and my agency) that my contract was six months.  And December 19th was the last day of the contract.  So, this time last year I was doing a massive amount of interviewing.  Of course, I come to find out later that they made my contract open-ended (and I got fired in March, anyway).  Julia and I were scrambling to buy presents, which I guess isn’t that much different from this year.  I think the big difference was that I was looking to leave my job this time last year.

This December, I’m only into my third month of my new job.  I actually like this job, as opposed to the same ol’ same ol’ of working a NOC gig.  We’re still scrambling to find presents for everyone, but I think we have a much better handle on things than we did last year.  Oh, and there will be more cookies this year!  We haven’t done our Christmas cards this year, yet… actually, come to think of it, this prompt should really be at the end of the month instead of seven days in, right?

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