For the second day in a row, I got to leave a little early from work.  This is good for me, because when it happens, I’m usually carpooling with the guy who’s on call.  And since he’s on call, staying until 7pm as usual doesn’t make much sense since he’s the one who’s catching all the after-hours calls anyway.  Also, I’m the backup oncall person, but I get to go off the grid starting tomorrow, so the third guy in the chain gets to move up one because I’m turning off my phone for the next six days and not giving a shit about it.

We’ll be leaving early Sunday morning at around 5am, because someone wants to go down US 101 instead of taking I-5 like normal people.  I’m not entirely sure why one would take 101 all the way down, considering how much of a state the roads are in when you get past San Luis Obispo.  So, we might compromise a little bit by taking 101 for part of the way and then 5 the rest of the way down, but I’m not sure where on 101 to turn off, because 101’s kind of boring until you go past Solvang and hit the coast.

Anyone have any suggestions on that?

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    • Julia on December 29, 2007 at 12:22

    Listen, pal. I-5 is boring as fuck. At least 101’s a bit more scenic. We can get off 101 via 198, stop at Chudville, then proceed on 5.

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